Indigenous People Of The Amazon

When Columbus discovered America historians say that there were ten million Indians living in the Amazonia rainforest. Today there are less than 200,000 divided into 200 indigenous groups speaking 180 different languages. The rainforest remained almost untouched by western culture until the first half of the last century. That is when I moved my family to the Peruvian jungle in 1954 to live and work with the Aguaruna Indians. We raised our four children with a tribe of Jivaro Indians which at that time were as primitive as they had ever been in the thousands of years of their existence.

Jivaro Indians are divided into four tribes. Two tribes, the Waorani and Shuar, are in Ecuador and the Aguaruna and Huambisa inhabit the tropical forest of Peru. Those four tribes are the only cultures in the entire world who practiced the custom of shrinking human heads. My neighbors were headhunters.

I don't suppose there is another person living today, besides me, who has ever seen a shrunken head hanging from the thatched ceiling of an Indian home. That macabre practice was outlawed in the early part of the 20th century. The law did not forbid the tribe from taking heads. It was designed to stop the traffic in shrunken heads. Laws passed by the legislature in Peru or Ecuador did not apply to the Jivaro Indians and did not curb the demand.

In 1956 museums were paying upwards of $1000 in Lima for a legitimate shrunken head. The going price in my neighborhood was $100 - the value of a new shotgun. That was a fabulous sum for the Indians. A tsantsa was worth too much to keep it hanging from the ceiling in their house.

In the jungle there was no law against killing your enemies. There was no law against killing five missionaries on the banks of the Curaray River in Ecuador. And there was no law against our Indians killing my family on the banks of the Marañon River in Peru. Me and my family were intruders and my neighbors had every right to kill us for the slightest provocation. I lived every day with that realization.

Murder was the Indian's way of righting wrongs and dealing with their enemies in a culture where there were no laws, no courts, no judges, no police and no jails. Killing served a purpose in that indigenous culture. Most Aguaruna men had seven or eight wives and a family would soon have forty or fifty babies. They weren't going to raise all those kids. The Aguaruna fathers chose which children would live much like a farmer culls his chickens and keeps only the best of his brood. In the years I lived with the Aguaruna I never saw a blind, a deaf, a dumb, a crippled or a retarded Aguaruna. Why? Because babies who were born with disabilities or abnormalities were murdered. The mother never took those children home from the birthing site.

I never met a Waorani Indian or anyone from most of the other 200 tribes in the Amazon. But I lived with the Aguaruna tribe and learned how they lived untouched by civilization and uncontrolled by civil law. If you met an Aguaruna Indian today he would be insulted if you told him his grandfather was a headhunter and a polygamist who had killed several of his own children. I know differently. I have been in the homes of several grandfathers like I have described. I could call some of them by name.

The entire population of the Amazon basin today has been expanded into three groups: Indigenous, Mestizo and Developers. In future articles I want you to see how the Peruvian indigenous Indians are faring today and how they are coping with encroaching civilization. The jungle I visited recently is far different from the jungle I lived in nearly sixty years ago.

Harry Flinner is a retired missionary of the Church of the Nazarene who spent several years living and working with the Aguaruna tribe of Jivaro Indians in the Peruvian Amazon. He established his mission on the Marañon River in the early 1950s when the Amazon rainforest was virtually untouched by civilization.
Harry Flinner is a graduate of Asbury University, The Alliance Graduate School of Missions and BIOLA School of Missionary Medicine. He has done graduate work in Linguistics and Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Kentucky.

My website is not political. I have no cause to defend.
I simply want to inform and stimulate interest in Amazonia

The Cultural Influence of Gypsies and Traveling Wanderers on Modern Guided Vacations

Gypsies are traveling wanderers. Knowledgeable from their journeys they learn secrets and stories destinations and culture and are able to share this information with travelers seeking enlightening destination experiences. Most gypsies spend years wandering to unknown and undiscovered regions that experienced travelers will avoid. What the traveling gypsies are in search of is a secret - secrets only they share with their nomadic network of companions and followers. What they learn throughout their adventure is the secret of joy, laughter, follies and wisdom - the knowledge that comes from experiencing the journey itself and not the destination. Theirs is the story of the journey, not the destination. The path to seek within the world and inside of ourselves. With their magical and mysterious demeanor, traveling gypsies know the secrets of some of the world's most admired and destitute locations. By absorbing the spirit of the surrounding terrain they feel the combination of the four elements in a spiritual battle of mind over matter. It's their method of understanding the world's natural mysteries. Oh traveling gypsies - if only they would come to the light and share their secrets! As history transitions to the present, the inner desire to experience the new still lingers.
As Roxy Freeman notes in the Guardan, the idyllic life of the gypsy produces a need for wander and adventure that inspires many. With this in mind, companies have taken the journey of the gypsy and used it as a model to develop controlled adventure vacations. These are new forms of vacation - now called the guided vacation. An adventurous vacation where storytellers study the history and culture of the land and share their knowledge with curious travelers interested in new experiences. The guided vacation trades the mystery of the gypsy for luxury and knowledge underneath the guise of an expedition tour led by storytellers (adventure guides). It's a comprehensive destination package experience. This is the story behind the guided vacation - a new form of adventure where we embrace and share the knowledge of the secret wonders of the world.
Natural mysteries come to light: The modern guided vacation.
The natural mysteries of each destination comes to light through the illuminating stories of adventure storytellers and destination travel hosts.
One of the most recent guided vacations is Adventures by Disney. Adventures by Disney offers family vacations in global destinations. Each adventure is accompanied by a trained Disney travel host who shares stories of the regions history. Guests travel on a 7-9 Day group adventure to some of the most exciting locations in the world. Another innovative guided vacation is the private plane tour. A guided vacation similar in concept however the ingenuity comes into play by trading traditional airline flights, cruise ships and even bus tours by transporting guests to different destinations by private planes. The gypsy and wander travel inspiration is seen by the use of destination and travel hosts who share the culture and history of each destination.
Mauiva AirCruise is a vacation tour company offering affordable private plane tours via hassle-free private air flights and private airports. Guests travel to top destinations and enjoy fun-filled attractions, 3.5 or 4 star hotels, meals and more. The Author enjoys informing people about ingenious forms of vacations to encourage others to travel the world, engage in new experiences and dissolve cultural barriers.

Halloween Fest in Orlando

The annual Halloween Fest drives in great fun and entertainment opportunities in Orlando during October. Orlando's world famous theme parks are host to some of the premier Halloween events and shows that can create the most lasting impact on your vacation at this time of the year. Whether it's the SeaWorld's not at all spooky or 'Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party' at Disney World to the most intense and scariest 'Halloween Horror Nights' event at the Universal Studios, Orlando has it all. Each of these events run throughout the month and it is better to do an advance planning to attend any or all of them for the ultimate Halloween experience.
If you are visiting with kids then 'Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party' at Magic Kingdom is a wonderful option to experience your most memorable Halloween Holiday. This spooky but still fun and not so scary Halloween adventure runs from September through November. The incredible Halloween Party provides equal fun and entertainment both to the adults and the kids. You as well as your child can enjoy the magic of this special Disney event, wearing favorite Halloween costumes and go Trick or Treating. The event is also marked with many special entertainments, including exclusive Halloween Parades, Disney characters with special costumes and more. Admission for the event is not included in regular Disney Tickets. One has to pay extra fee to attend the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.
If you have decided to make your Halloween experience go more intense and scary then the best way to do so is by attending -the 'Halloween Horror Nights' event at Universal Studios Orlando. Universal's Halloween Horror Nights is the only place to experience the best of the fear and terror real-time. Only the scariest of the few could match the horrors that prevail at this premier Halloween event. During the event the entire park transforms into a nightmarish maze with a deadly array of haunted mazes, bloodcurdling scar zones and terrifying live shows. The event is celebrated throughout the month of October and it is not for children. Also like Disney, admission to this special Halloween event is not included in your regular Universal Tickets as you have to pay extra fee for it.
The Halloween Spooktacular Event at SeaWorld Orlando is another must visit family-friendly attraction that runs through October. The event brings in a sea of Halloween fun, where your kids can go trick-or-treat, shake their hips with whimsical sea creatures, go a little spooky with not so scary marine shows or get engaged in some sea-themed arts and crafts. This is a free event and is included on any SeaWorld Ticket.

A Fantastic Family Safari in Botswana

A Family Safari in Botswana will Astonish and Amaze
Beautiful Botswana is the ideal place to take a family safari vacation. This fascinating country in southern Africa spans an area of 600,370km2. As approximately three quarters of Botswana is covered by the Kalahari Desert, its human population is very small. However, the country is filled with many interesting species of birds and animals. In the grasslands and savannahs, blue wildebeests, antelopes, porcupines, ground squirrels, dwarf mongooses, springboks and endangered African wild dogs roam free. Over the sandy red terrain of the Kalahari National Park walk lions, warthogs, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes and jackals. Guided tours via jeeps get you close to the wildlife, enabling your family to snap a magnificent gallery of pictures. However, if your family is more interested in landscape photography, the diverse terrain in Botswana will fill a photo album with wonderful pictures of this unspoiled wilderness. The sensational sights on a Botswana family safari will stay with parents and children forever.
Introduce Your Family to the Delights of the Okavango Delta
Known as the jewel of the Kalahari, the Okavango Delta, located deep inside the Kalahari Basin, is an emerald and azure paradise of winding waterways, palm lined islands and dense woodland. Changing in size depending on the volume of floodwater from 6,000 to 15,000 km2, the Okavango Delta is split into three key areas, which are the Delta, the Panhandle and the dryland. Among the diverse species of animals found in the Okavango Delta are hippos, crocodiles, duikers, reedbucks, lions, giraffes, elephants, caracals and rhinos. Birdlife include egrets, giant Pel's fishing owls, rare wattled cranes and lofty ostriches. On your family safari trip to the Okavango Delta you can see the wildlife and take in the varied terrain by foot, jeep, powerboat, canoe or horseback.
See the Delta on Horseback during Your Safari in Botswana
If your family wants to experience the Okavango Delta and other parts of Botswana from a different perspective, consider saddling up for a riding safari. On horseback you can wade across glittering waterways, encircle glimmering lagoons, view game upon the plains and spot the red and blue flash of a darting kingfisher in the woodlands. Your horse will step around slow moving Kalahari tent tortoises, walk under vivid crimson breasted shrikes perched on acacia branches and carry you within close proximity of the ubiquitous bat eared foxes upon the shrub. Parents and children alike will revel in the experience of a riding family safari and form a special bond with their equine friend.

Traveling Alone

You see, the basic and most important point that you have to remember is; we are in fact women. We may be beautiful and intelligent, but unfortunately are the prey of many predators.
For example, you may have at some point of time or another faced problems of eve teasing.
In other instances, you have either been pestered by men who want to get close or even some male relative of your family.
To help you get the most out of a trip, here are quick tips compiled from the advice of women who have traveled alone.
• Safety: To start with, you should learn to be responsible for yourself. So learn some self-defense mechanism and make yourself ready for extreme conditions.
• Packing Light: You might be in love with your Gucci and Prada, but while traveling alone, make sure that you pack a bag, which you can lift. Asking for help with your luggage in some countries are a sure shot way of inviting thugs.
• Laws and Regulations: This tip is especially very important for women to travel to Islamic countries. Make yourself very thorough with the laws and rules, before you do something wrong and are locked in prison.
• Alienating People: Though this tip may not sound very inviting, take the cue and stop inviting strangers while traveling alone. Please remember that you are not in some movie, that you will meet someone through serendipity at an airport and get married that very night. Usually, chances are that you will be robbed and manhandled, if not worse.
• Language: It is no rocket science that different nations speak different languages. Try and learn some of it from a manual, the basics at least. Or else, hire an interpreter cum guide who can show you around.
• Be careful about your personal Belongings: Traveling alone may make your nervous and vulnerable, especially for first timers.. Keep your passport, extra money, and other important documents tucked well So be on the guard and make sure that you keep your belongings in an orderly fashion.
• Attire: It is said... when in Rome do as the Romans do. Make sure you dress properly and carry yourself with confidence. Wearing revealing clothes may put you in trouble. Wear simple, comfortable covered clothes so as to keep the predators away. A good thumb rule is to dress modestly.
• Exude confidence: If you are lost, walk into a shop or restaurant and ask for directions there. Try to avoid obviously looking at maps while you're in the street. Best is, before you set out from your hotel, ask the concierge or other hotel staff for directions to the places
you plan to visit each day.
• Don't Carry Valuables: Leave all valuables, such as extra credit cards and jewellery, at home. Even costume jewellery poses an unnecessary risk to your safety, because most thieves are not jewellery experts and won't know they've stolen costume pieces until after the crime has taken place.
• Use common sense: Common sense is perhaps the single best tip for staying safe includes the usual recommendations: don't walk around late at night, don't drink with strange men, don't ride in empty compartments on trains, don't compromise safety to save a few bucks on a hotel or transportation, and know how to use a pay phone. Be aware of your surroundings and stay alert.
• What kind of dresses should I pack? Pack dresses, which are comfortable as well as befitting the location and the purpose.
• Do I need to keep a tab on my travel health insurance? Make sure you have adequate health insurance coverage for your trip abroad and that your coverage includes medical evacuations. If your policy does not cover you overseas, you may need to purchase supplemental traveler's insurance.
• Should I keep medicines handy? Make sure that you have medicines handy, especially if you are suffering from some ailment or if you are on regular medication.
• Which is best cash or credit cards? To be fair, make sure that you have both in safe places so that the chances of being looted are less.
Smita's Advice
Overall, I think that it best for women to travel in a very practical fashion, rather than being whimsical and suffering later on. The basics of traveling in any country are the same.
However, women should remember that wearing stilettos while traveling alone and having a bag that they can barely lift are no good.
How you present yourself can make the difference between a great time and an undesirable situation.

Amazing Nosara Beaches

Located in Guanacaste, a small province in Costa Rica, Nosara is a beautiful beach town along the Pacific coast. Its natural splendor, abundant wildlife and world-class surfing make it an international vacation spot all year round. There are four major playas or beaches in Nosara, beckoning you for a holiday. Though it is no more the quiet and deserted town it once was, you can still find serene and quiet corners tucked away when you start exploring. Though surfing is the main entertainment, the beaches provide a variety of other option to satisfy the non-surfers too.
The four amazing beaches of Nosara are described here.
· Playa Ostional: This beach borders the small village of Ostional. It is especially knows for its Wildlife Refuge which has been set up to protect the biggest nesting grounds of the Olive Ridley sea turtle. Hundreds and thousands of these turtles come here every few weeks during the new moon. From May to November is the peak time for nesting, but you are bound to see at least a few of them throughout the year. There are also small groups of the giant leatherback turtles and the green turtle, which is now endangered, that sometimes make this beach their nesting grounds. Aside to the turtle attraction, the beach is also good for surfing. However, the strong currents are dangerous and you need to be cautious. There also is a risk of sharks and other predators because of the abundance of turtles.
· Playa Nosara: This is the most secluded beach but it is worth a visit. You can get to the river by foot or in a vehicle. The walking train provides a tough hike but the results are rewarding. This is where you will find the local fishermen with their age old techniques to catch and haul fish. During low tide you can swim across to the Playa Nosara. River canoeing is something you could do here. The waves are also gentle here, but the best part is the range of wildlife and birds you will get to see on this beach.
· Playa Guiones: White, crescent shaped beach extending up to nearly three miles is the beautiful Playa Guiones. There are numerous ranchitos on the beach for you to sit and enjoy the beach while escaping from the hot sun. This is the best surfing spot in all of Nosara, though it is good for swimming to. Towards the south part you can enjoy the pink sandy beach and small tide pools ideal for snorkeling.
· Playa Pelada: You will find a path from the north side of Playa Guiones which will bring you to Playa Pelada, surrounded by trees and tidal pools. If you are on vacation with your family, you must visit this beach. It is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the gulls, herrings and pelicans that are abundant here. The powerful sound of the sea is an experience in itself. Numerous rock formations are seen and blowholes on it are a gorgeous sight during changing of the tides. You can't surf here as it is dangerous, but you can definitely walk along the river and enjoy nature.
If a beach vacation is what you are looking for, this little seaside town has so much to offer. These four amazing beaches have much more to offer than surfing and snorkeling. Stay here for a week and experience the ultimate Nosara vacation.

Great Pamplona Bull Run

The Bull Run Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, Navarra - is an annual religious festivity celebrated from July 7 to 14. This event has been known internationally for its annual bull run; a spectacle, whose intensity is hard to duplicate anywhere else in the world. The bulls are made to run through the streets of Pamplona, to a site where a bullfight ensues later on in the day.

This fiesta is celebrated in honor of the Catholic saint, San Fermin, the patron saint of Navarra. This international event gathers multitudes of people from all around the globe. These festivities have always been described as: one exhilarating fun, non-stop partying, and euphoric excitement, to all of its participants. The bull run, despite of its inherent dangers is really the heart and soul of the Sanfermines fiesta.

Among the highlights of the festivities are as follows:

1. Launching of the Rockets

The start of the bull run heads off when the church bells of San Fermin strikes at eight o'clock in the morning of July 7. The people who have gathered around the casa, awaits the announcement of the mayor that the fiesta is about to begin. After the announcement, a rocket is fired marking the start of the celebration!

This first rocket also signifies that the gates have now been opened, and that the bull run is about to start.. Runners, with red scarves around their necks pray for a safe run to San Fermin, at this juncture. A second rocket would announce that the bull run have started with the runners following the route towards the bullring. A third launching would further announce that the bulls have now entered the bullring. A fourth and fifth rocket would be fired to signify that all the bulls have now been contained in the bullpen of the building, and that the bull run had ended.

2. The Pamplona Bull Run

The bull run starts at eight o' clock every morning, from the 7th to the 14th of every month of July. Runners should be in the area before the start-off time, to avoid confusion that may ensue later on. The route starts at the corral of Santo Domingo towards the bullring, which is 825 meters away. The average run is three minutes but can last to ten minutes, if some bulls go off track. The bull run starts at Santo Domingo, then passes through the Ayuntamiento Square and continues down the street of Mercaderes. The route would also pass through the dangerous pathways of Duque de Ahumada and the dead-end sections of the route, on the way to the bullring.

3. Running with the Bulls

The immense popularity of the Pamplona bull run had increased the number of participants that take part in the festivities yearly. Running along the bulls, that weighs an average of 700 kg each, poses undue danger to would-be runners. The number of drunks participating during the runs had also increased the risk several times over. There are plenty of watchers and security personnel manning the route, but they can only do so much during the bull run. Accidents have now reached to around fifteen (15) people dead, and two hundred (200) injured, since 1924 when these bull runs started.

4. Excitement in Watching the Pamplona Bull Runs and Bullfights

You can savor the excitement and fun without the dangers posed in joining the actual bull runs. To do this, you need to be early at the site to get the best vantage points along the route. Since the best spots are always taken before sunrise, it would be advisable for you to be at the site before dawn. Or you can watch it at a nearby bar or restaurant which airs it every morning - live on national television.

The tickets to the bullfights are normally pre-sold before the fights. The seating capacity is only for twelve thousand five hundred (12,500) seats - hence, the clamor for said tickets. There may be scalpers that sells tickets around the area, but these would already be at highly exorbitant prices.

The fun that would be experienced by any spectator or participant in these festivities are exhilarating and simply out of this world! Though the adventure may pose some dangers and risk - it is one fun-filled experience to behold that can last you a whole lifetime!

Consolacion S. Miravite is a Certified Public Accountant, Real Estate Broker, Lead Farmer, Trader, Accounting Professor, Free-Lance Writer and Blogger. She has written for several companies, institutions and website owners on topics ranging from - Finance, Accountancy, Computers, e-Commerce, Online marketing, Crafts, Relationships, and others.

Northern Tanzania Travel Guide

Northern Tanzania is one of the most favoured destinations for vacations and safaris. This region is near the border of Kenya and it boasts of plenty of magnificent attractions such as the Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Great Rift Valley and so many more. Northern Tanzania is the perfect destination if you want to see a wide variety of wildlife. There are lots of wildlife found on land such as the lions, rhinos, hyenas, wildebeests and so many more. There are also lots of tropical fish found on the beautiful waters of Lake Victoria.

There are also lots of activities that you can enjoy in Northern Tanzania such as hiking or climbing the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Serengeti plains are also filled with so many beautiful sights that it could take you days to explore all of them. The main attractions in this region are the safaris and the mountain treks but there are so many more exciting activities that you can experience during your stay. You can try bird watching at the Lake Eyasi where you get to hear the sounds of various birds as it echoes through the serene lake. The lake is home to a large number of bird species. Another activity to try is hiking up the trails of Mount Meru. The climb itself is exhilarating but once you get there you will be overwhelmed by the panoramic view. During sunset the view is even more amazing as you watch the sun sink on the horizon. If you want a more adventurous hike then you can do that at the rugged trails of the Crater Highlands. This hike offers an adventure-filled combination of barren lands and rugged trails.

Northern Tanzania has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping but if you want to have a unique shopping experience then you should head to the rural markets where you will be blown away by the excitement of it all. These rural markets attract traders from distant places and you will get to see them haggle with other traders on just about everything.

When it comes to accommodations, this region offers a lot of options. This part of Tanzania may be known for its luxurious accommodations but it also has cheaper alternatives. If you want to have a highland adventure then you can stay at the highland lodges in the middle of the Karatu coffee plantations. It is amazing to see the luxurious lodges and the mud thatch cottages of the locals nearby.

Looking for Heavenly and Luxury Holiday

For travelers who love to travel in style, a luxury travel agency can do the trick. For people interested in traveling to different countries and gathering experience, there are superb luxury holiday experiences for them. Taking care of your smallest requirement to your budget constraints, the travel operator helps you by all means. No matter what your requirements are, there is a tailor-made tour holidays available for you. The luxury travel will take you to authentic locations of your dreams, fantasy shopping, lazy lunches in restaurants and wandering through the ruins of a crumbled civilization. When you find a journey that is both knowledgeable and enjoyable, you'll have the best of all worlds at your finger tips.

No matter where your imagination takes you, there is a chance to follow your dreams and indulge in the ultimate travel escape destination. South Africa, Europe, South East Asia and the Pacific are full of islands, small and large, that will give you the privacy you desire. Luxurious travel destinations are relative, ultimately to your own definition of the value of the experience. A popular holiday theme, luxury holidays offer a wonderful chance to enjoy a luxurious vacation along with near and dear ones. Style, elegance, refinement and great location, those are just some of the features of the properties of the holidays. From the mountains to the sea, from the rivers to the lake, from the dense forest to watching polar bears the travel operator will fulfill your ultimate fantasy. They promise to spoil you all through your journey bit by bit on daily basis keeping in mind the luxury class you belong to. Sometimes the search for the exotic often takes one to far-flung corners of third world cultures totally alien to the visitor in terms of language, customs, and etiquette.

The chance to learn and understand various cultures on a travel are invaluable and to be grasped with both hands when available. The tour operator as a luxury travel company combine comfort and authenticity famous for creating destinations for you as per your choice. Plan an all exclusive customized adventure travel to the earth's greatest tropical lands with them and rest will surely be history. A luxury holidays abroad at one of the exotic international locations is really alluring and fulfilling the same are the various offers and itinerary customized as per your desire. You will be accommodated in top hotels that suit the luxury and comfort level you desire. The travel operator brings you vacations that are rich in value as well as services. A Gym, a World class spa, a huge pool and a dining room where dedicated chefs prepare gourmet cuisine exclusively for you at one of the wildest location is the highlight of the journey.

Abercrombie Kent offers most popular tour Luxury travel and holidays to these entire destination. To find more details of luxury holidays and information, then you search Luxury Travel and call now: 1800111010.

Most Popular Beaches in India

Imagine a holiday where you can bury your feet under the golden sand, swim in the clear blue water, breathe in the refreshing air, watch the waves as they touch the score and just relax under the soft sun - This is the experience that you can enjoy in any of the Most Popular Beaches in India. The wonderful country of India homes some of the most exotic beaches in the world. These beautiful beaches are perfect holiday destinations and attract tourists from all over the world. The best part is that along with enjoying the rejuvenating aura of the beaches you can also enjoy a trip to forts and monument and all the rest that the destination holds. Explore the incredible beauty of India with the mesmerizing beaches. Take a dip in the refreshing water, indulge in water activities and try out the lip smacking delicious delicacies.
Most Popular Beaches in India are as follows:
Baga Beach: This is widely known, relaxing place in Goa where you would love to de-stress yourself. Baga Beach is the best place to get away from the busy chaotic life and enjoy the blessings of nature. Here at this place you can enjoy the charismatic good looks and the refreshing aura. Moreover, you can also visit the charismatic monuments nearby. You can also indulge in many exciting water sports which will add more fun to your trip. Para- sailing, wake boarding, windsurfing, kite surfing, Jet Ski and dolphin spotting trips are few of the fun activities which you must not miss out.
Alappuzha Beach: This is another Most Popular Beach in India which is also known as the Venice of the East. Located in the beautiful land of Kerala, Alappuzha beach is widely known for its boat races, marine activities and backwater delights. Tourists can enjoy a refreshing picnic with friends and family here at this beautiful place. Let the exotic palms and pristine white sand give you a sense of relaxation and let you forget all your stress. If you wish you may enjoy the world famous boat races and to add more fun to your trip you may book your stay in one of the fascinating houseboats. Experience a holiday like never before and be one with the nature.
Juhu Beach: Beach Holiday in India would be incomplete without visiting the Juhu Beach of Mumbai. Here at this beach you can marvel at the charismatic blend of sloping waves, light colored sand and cool surrounding. This is also one of the most happening beaches which remains quite crowded in the peak seasons. Take your friends along and enjoy a game of beach volley-ball, enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the sunrise and the sunset and click some amazing pictures. Foodies too can enjoy a gala time by trying out the numerous delicious food snacks abundantly available. Few such delicacies are crispy bhelpuri, panipuri and relishing pavbhaji. Eat, play and enjoy!
Covelong Beach: This magnificent beach in Chennai is also known as the Most Popular Virgin Beach in India. The best part is that it can be accessed easily. Visit this beach and marvel at the landscape and indulge in various fun activities. Enjoy water sports like windsurfing, swimming, water scooter, diving and many others. You will be amazed to see that the water of this beautiful beach is crystal clear and the sand displays different colors. Enjoy nature at its best!
And that's not all! Few other Most Popular Beaches in India that you may visit are Calangute Beach, Goa; Dona Paula Beach, Goa; Marina Beach, Chennai; Marari Beach, Kerala; etc. Visit these beaches, walk on the sand, take a plunge into the water and watch the sunset at the distant horizon. Enjoy a holiday which you will cherish forever!

A Tanzania Safari for Families

Tanzania Safari Family Joy

A Tanzania safari is a great idea for a family holiday and the country offers excellent opportunities for all of you to spend some quality time together game viewing and participating in other activities. Some enjoy the hustle and bustle of busy camps, staying with other guests, while others prefer to make a Tanzania safari their own by hiring private guides and vehicles, giving the flexibility to explore and discovery the surrounding lands at your own pace. Granted the infrastructure isn't as great as other country's on the continent but for any children you may bring with you this will only add to the air of adventure as you board boats and light-aircrafts to reach your destination.

The Northern Circuit

If you'd prefer not to be using various transportation methods on your Tanzania safari, visit the northern end of the country. Known as one of the best game viewing destinations, huge concentrations of animals inhabit both the busy tourist-laden parks as well as the more remote areas. Children will no doubt be keen to spot the 'Big Five' on your Tanzania safari so a trip to the Serengeti will not only be incredibly memorable but will provide an awesome amount of animals to view thanks to the wildebeest migration. A trip to this region can be enjoyed for the duration of your holiday, reducing the amount of travel if you very young children with you. Also consider Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and Tarangire National Park as bases for your getaway as all offer comfortable fully equipped camps and exciting excursions.

Concluding your Tanzania Safari on Zanzibar Island

Once you and your family have seen and experienced the wondrous sights on your safari in Tanzania you may want to kick back and relax. Many people hop over to Zanzibar to take it easy visiting heritage sites, soaking up the unique architecture and partaking in water sports on the white sandy beaches. Sunbathe to your heart's content, help the kids build sandcastle cities or discover the hidden world beneath the surface in amongst the colourful reefs. Rest and recharge your batteries, spending time together as a family on this idyllic island before it's time to head home. Your children will talk non-stop about the sights, animals and excursions they have experienced on this holiday of a lifetime. A Tanzania safari really is one of the best ways for a family to come together and encounter a range of unexpected and wondrous things, seeing the world from anew.

Discover Iceland's Natural Wonders On A Science School Trip

With some of the most astonishing landscapes in the world, Iceland is the perfect school trip destination for educators seeking to show their students how diverse and dramatic the natural world can be - and how humanity can work with it. With its volcanoes, hot springs, frozen wilds and wonderful cities, Iceland provides a wealth of wonders to marvel at and investigate, consolidating and expanding knowledge of the sciences. Read on to find out what your students have in store for them.

Eyjafjallajökull Volcano

An ice cap covering the caldera of a volcano, Eyjafjallajökull is a fascinating marriage of two natural extremes, fire and ice. The ice cap feeds several outlet glaciers, forming lakes and lagoons, while the volcano remains active with frequent explosive eruptions - recently and most famously in 2010. If visiting on a school trip, the learning opportunities surrounding this awe-inspiring structure are myriad. Students can examine the features of the landscape that has formed around it, learn about the way the ice cap and volcano affect each other, and discuss the global impact of the 2010 eruptions. The build-up of seismic activity before the eruptions, the evacuation of surrounding areas, the work done by scientists to discover when and where the eruption began and how it would develop, and the volcanic ash cloud that disrupted air travel for weeks, are all interesting topics made all the more exciting by the volcano's presence.

Thingvellir National Park

The Thingvellir area of Iceland is a place of astounding natural beauty and great historical significance. Anyone interested in the planet's geology will be impressed by the rift valley, which is really the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and by the cracks in the ground that bear witness to the continental drift between America and Eurasia. There is also the site of the establishment of Iceland's parliament, in 930, and the social centre of the country throughout the Commonwealth period. It is greatly beloved as a cultural as well as a geographical treasure - thus offering great curricular links for the geographers and historians in your science school trip group.

The Great Geysir

Another of Iceland's incredible dramatic phenomena to see on a school trip is Geysir, known to the rest of the world as the Great Geysir - it erupts boiling water up into the sky, reaching as high as 70 metres. It is thought to have been active for about 10,000 years, and became the subject of much study and fascination in the 18th century, when its name was taken and applied to the phenomenon generally. It was researched extensively by Robert Bunsen, who provided the first accurate measurements of the height and timings of its eruptions. His work provides an enlightening piece of science history for those interested.

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The Magic of Disney Underneath Magic Kingdom

Everything about Disney is magic and it is so interesting to know more about the man and his awesome creations. Back in the 60's, while flying over miles of swamp land in Central Florida region, Disney had conceived the layout of his world famous dream project. What happened next is another much bigger and better Disney illusion - the creation of an amazing Adventureland, all run, staffed and controlled from an immense, underground complex, consisting of about 2.5 km long tunnels. And inside these mysterious tunnels there is a whole city of magic which is hidden from the regular visitors. One can have a closer look at the real secrets of the Disney Magic inside these huge tunnels underneath Magic Kingdom.
As a visitor to the park, it doesn't occur to us at first sight, but when observe keenly there is a whole new discovery. The underground tunnels are physically not underground. They are located above the ground floor level, and are considered to be at the First Floor; while the entire Magic Kingdom is built above the tunnel complex and occupies the Second and Third Floor positions.
Technically, the tunnels are referred as 'Utilidors' (i.e. Utility Doors), and entrances to these utilidors can be found all across the park. They are mainly used by caste members and utility crews, including deliveries and food preparation to keep the magic alive and undisturbed above. When guests are enjoying the rides and attractions there are a whole lot of activities going around below their feet inside the tunnel complex.
Today with every reference to World's Premier Theme Parks, the immediate picture which comes to our mind is the ever-glittering Cinderella Castle straight across the Main Street, crowning the Magic Kingdom. But for Disney fanatics and returning visitors there is more to have then the awe-inspiring attractions and activities the park offers. Disney provides a more unique and in-depth behind-the-scene tour for all those who want to have a real experience with the Disney Magic.
The special "Keys To The Kingdom Tour" is certainly the key to unfold the magical mysteries of the famous Florida Resort and specially the secrets of the amazing tunnel complex. You can make your involvement with Disney magic more intense and in-depth with the tour. And once the tour is done you will begin to see Magic Kingdom Park in a completely different light. The "Keys to the Kingdom" tour is a five hour guided tour that takes you through a series of backstage locations and down into the hidden tunnel complex. To take this tour one must be at least 16 years of age.

Kokoda Campaign 70th Anniversary

2012 is the Kokoda Campaign 70th anniversary, during which the allied troops fought in Papua New Guinea.

In particular, the Kokoda campaign consisted of a series of battles between Japanese and Australian troops which took place from July to November 1942. The Japanese had landed on the North Coast of Papua New Guinea's main island and were planning to advance south to Port Moresby (the capital of Papua New Guinea) and eventually advance to take Australia.

Papua New Guinea had been a protectorate of Australia since the end of World War I, so Australian soldiers were sent to protect Port Moresby from Japanese invasion, and keep Japanese troops as far away from the Australian mainland as possible.

Kokoda Trekking

These days, the Kokoda Trail or Kokoda Track is a popular destination for adventure seekers around the world. The rugged terrain throughout the Owen Stanley Ranges is covered in dense jungle - so dense that it was never possible to build road or even use animals for transport.

In combination with the searing heat of the sun, intense humidty and tropical downpours the climate poses a challenge in itself.

The Kokoda Track goes for 96 kilometres and takes most groups 10 days to complete, although there are some elite competitors who complete the track in as little as 4 days. The record of getting from one end of the Kokoda Track to the other is held by a local who reportedly managed to cover the distance in 18 hours.

Can You Track Too?

There are many tour operators along Kokoda who provide the necessary comfort for every day people to experience this adventure. They carry your tents, make food, give you the historical background and even carry your luggage if you would like. Although it is possible to trek the track without an operator, it is recommended that people go with a guide for safety.

Tour operators offer different types of tracks, such as charity tracks (where the trekkers raise money for a chosen charity), women-only tracks, extended tours visiting the North Coast of PNG and anniversary tours, such as for the Kokoda Campaign 70th anniversary.

There are many tour providers operating along the Kokoda Track. You can find anything from one man bands to well equipped tourism companies.

To ensure you choose the right touring operator, make sure you do your research. Otherwise a carefully planned adventure could derail and become an uncomfortable experience or even an outright disaster.

To research more about the Kokoda Track, including different tour operators, what to pack and how to train, visit

Visit Tanzania for a Luxury Safari

Why Choose Tanzania for your Luxury Safari?

A luxury safari in Tanzania is a truly unforgettable experience. This stunning country in East Africa contains some of the most arresting wonders of the natural world. Whether you wish to watch and photograph the incredible migration of wildlife that takes place on the Serengeti plains, or climb the famous peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, a safari in Tanzania enables a huge range of activities that live long in the memory. Expert guides will take you to key regions where you can lose yourself in the astonishing beauty of your surroundings. The culturally diverse populace can be viewed farming rice, wheat, bananas and coffee in the fields and fishing on the banks of Lake Victoria, Africa's largest lake. A luxury safari in Tanzania also provides an excellent opportunity to watch indigenous species living in their natural habitat. One day you can see the chimpanzees play in Gombe National Park, situated in west Tanzania, while another day can be spent watching giant giraffes chewing leaves from the trees in eastern Tanzania's Mikumi National Park.

Scale the Majestic Heights of Kilimanjaro

Immortalized in Ernest Hemingway's short story The Snows of Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain at 19,341 feet is a riveting scenic climb enabling panoramic views of the plains that stretch out for miles into the distance. A dormant volcano, Mount Kilimanjaro must be visited during your luxury safari in Tanzania. A guide will assist you to meet the challenge of the climb, as you breathe in the fresh mountain air and stare in awe at the exciting environs. Camp sites and shared huts surround and dot the mountain and the rocky route affords numerous rousing photo opportunities to treasure once you return back home.

Witness the Spectacular Serengeti Migration on your Luxury Safari in Tanzania

Few sights can compare to the mass migration of animals that occurs in February across the Serengeti plains to Kenya and back again. A luxury safari in Tanzania at this time will allow you to follow this incredible event as part of a luxury mobile camp. In total, some two million antelope, wildebeest and zebra make the 1,000 mile trek, giving birth to their young on the way. The migration also provides the ideal hunting conditions for predators like lions, leopards and crocodiles, enabling onlookers to witness the African wild in all its raw intensity from the safety of the guide directed trekking party. Rich with enchanting natural beauty, a luxury safari in Tanzania makes for a magical vacation.

Touring the Blue Mountains in Australia

Located in the rocky region in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains are a beautiful sight to behold. On 20th November 2000, it was listed as a World Heritage Area by UNESCO. What is so special about this area? The mountains are surrounded by lush green eucalyptus forest that supports the mountain's diverse wildlife.
It has many attractions like the Three Sisters and the Giant Stairway. It is a huge rock formation that resembles three girls standing together. There is native aboriginal legend associated with the three rock formations, which talks about three girls named Meehi, Wimlah and Gunnedoo. The sisters fell in love with three men from a neighboring tribe. However, due to strict tribal laws, they weren't allowed to marry those men. The three men weren't happy to hear this news and they decided to retaliate.
To stop the girls from reuniting with the three men, an elder turned the three sisters into stone. Meanwhile, the three love-struck men started a battle in hopes of gaining the rights to marry the three sisters. Unfortunately, the elder died in the battle and so nobody knew how to transform the sisters back to their original human forms. Maybe that is why there is whimsical and poignant beauty surrounding the Three Sisters that makes one feel sad.
When you go on a Blue Mountain tour, you will uncover more details about this legend. The Three Sisters are located near the Giant Stairway. This is a magnificent entry to the Jamison Valley that descends approximately 300m. The old stairway has around 800 steps and runways.
Nature lovers will also enjoy their Blue Mountain tour because they will get to see a rare plant species. Recently, the Wollemi pine was discovered up in the forest. This plant can be dated back to the age of dinosaurs and it was thought to be extinct a million years ago. However, it was discovered that few trees of this species still survive in the mountains. In addition, more than 300 different kinds of animals live within the Blue Mountains. These include rare or almost extinct species like koala, the spotted-tailed quoll, the green and golden bell frog, the yellow-bellied glider and the Blue Mountains water stink.
This mountain is also the perfect place for bikers, hikers and rock climbers. Individuals can enjoy the thrill of their favorite adventure sports as well as the natural scenery. In short, this is the best place to go if you want an adventurous holiday.
Through flexible, creative itineraries, experience the world-renowned wines of the Hunter Valley charters, the famous views of the Blue Mountains and Australia's iconic wildlife.

Visit Nocatee Florida

There is a small village or you might say a crossroads in southwestern Florida called Nocatee. It is not to be confused with the newly built master-planned community of the same name in northeast Florida. The original Nocatee is located in DeSoto County in southwest Florida. It is a Seminole Indian word that means, "What is it?" It is an interesting place to visit although you will not find a place to stay for the night. There are no motels with distinct styles of deluxe guest rooms and suites. It's defiantly a day tripper when visiting Nocatee. A Mediterranean atmosphere with tropical pools and lush grounds will not be found in this village. Nocatee offers more of a Florida cracker type ambience. There are no beaches, but you could bring your bathing suit and swim at the county owned boat ramp down at nearby Peace River.

If you are interested in playing golf while visiting Nocatee, you can't. Golfing will have to take place up the road in Arcadia which is the county seat. Or you could go eight miles south of Nocatee to Sunny Breeze Golf Club.

If shopping is your thing, you are in luck. Just five miles up the road in Arcadia again there are several stores to choose from. And you can venture down Arcadia's old Oak Street in the antique district.

On August 13, 2004, Hurricane Charley passed directly through Nocatee with winds which persisted for an hour, damaging most of the structures in the burg and causing some to be completely destroyed. You can still find many buildings with the blue FEMA tarps still protecting the roofs.

Actually, the most interesting thing about Nocatee is not what is there now but what use to be there. I know of one person who said he was from Nocatee. The King Lumber Company founded in the late 1800's was the main industry and the largest employer in DeSoto County. It eventually became the Nocatee-Manatee Crate Company until it closed in 1951. The First settler was the Carlton family. Baptist and Methodist churches were founded there in 1890. There was once a stump plant which employed many people until it close in the 1980s.

DeSoto County was initially a much bigger county and later subdivided to create five smaller counties in 1921. There was an election to figure out where the DeSoto County seat should be. Nocatee lost by one vote. Nocatee has never had much population to speak of. It's pretty much maintained the same size since 1900. It's never been an actual incorporated town.

Sadly, Nocatee doesn't have much of a tourist draw but there is an interesting Civil War history in the county. For the paleontologist the county lies in what is known as bone valley. It's a phosphate rich area where many mastodon bones can be found.

For more information about the village of Nocatee, Florida visit DeSoto County Florida online. Also check out Howard Melton's book, "Foot Prints & Landmarks which gives the interesting history of Nocatee and DeSoto County. You may also visit Arcadia's antique district online. Better yet, take the opportunity and come visit us.

Mel Jackson is a writer and former radio broadcaster, social worker, circus promoter and resides in Florida. He is the author of the book, "Runaway," about a young boy's longing for the love of his father. For more information click here

Visit Tanzania for a Luxury Safari

Why Choose Tanzania for your Luxury Safari?

A luxury safari in Tanzania is a truly unforgettable experience. This stunning country in East Africa contains some of the most arresting wonders of the natural world. Whether you wish to watch and photograph the incredible migration of wildlife that takes place on the Serengeti plains, or climb the famous peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, a safari in Tanzania enables a huge range of activities that live long in the memory. Expert guides will take you to key regions where you can lose yourself in the astonishing beauty of your surroundings. The culturally diverse populace can be viewed farming rice, wheat, bananas and coffee in the fields and fishing on the banks of Lake Victoria, Africa's largest lake. A luxury safari in Tanzania also provides an excellent opportunity to watch indigenous species living in their natural habitat. One day you can see the chimpanzees play in Gombe National Park, situated in west Tanzania, while another day can be spent watching giant giraffes chewing leaves from the trees in eastern Tanzania's Mikumi National Park.

Scale the Majestic Heights of Kilimanjaro

Immortalized in Ernest Hemingway's short story The Snows of Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain at 19,341 feet is a riveting scenic climb enabling panoramic views of the plains that stretch out for miles into the distance. A dormant volcano, Mount Kilimanjaro must be visited during your luxury safari in Tanzania. A guide will assist you to meet the challenge of the climb, as you breathe in the fresh mountain air and stare in awe at the exciting environs. Camp sites and shared huts surround and dot the mountain and the rocky route affords numerous rousing photo opportunities to treasure once you return back home.

Witness the Spectacular Serengeti Migration on your Luxury Safari in Tanzania

Few sights can compare to the mass migration of animals that occurs in February across the Serengeti plains to Kenya and back again. A luxury safari in Tanzania at this time will allow you to follow this incredible event as part of a luxury mobile camp. In total, some two million antelope, wildebeest and zebra make the 1,000 mile trek, giving birth to their young on the way. The migration also provides the ideal hunting conditions for predators like lions, leopards and crocodiles, enabling onlookers to witness the African wild in all its raw intensity from the safety of the guide directed trekking party. Rich with enchanting natural beauty, a luxury safari in Tanzania makes for a magical vacation.