Northern Tanzania Travel Guide

Northern Tanzania is one of the most favoured destinations for vacations and safaris. This region is near the border of Kenya and it boasts of plenty of magnificent attractions such as the Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Great Rift Valley and so many more. Northern Tanzania is the perfect destination if you want to see a wide variety of wildlife. There are lots of wildlife found on land such as the lions, rhinos, hyenas, wildebeests and so many more. There are also lots of tropical fish found on the beautiful waters of Lake Victoria.

There are also lots of activities that you can enjoy in Northern Tanzania such as hiking or climbing the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Serengeti plains are also filled with so many beautiful sights that it could take you days to explore all of them. The main attractions in this region are the safaris and the mountain treks but there are so many more exciting activities that you can experience during your stay. You can try bird watching at the Lake Eyasi where you get to hear the sounds of various birds as it echoes through the serene lake. The lake is home to a large number of bird species. Another activity to try is hiking up the trails of Mount Meru. The climb itself is exhilarating but once you get there you will be overwhelmed by the panoramic view. During sunset the view is even more amazing as you watch the sun sink on the horizon. If you want a more adventurous hike then you can do that at the rugged trails of the Crater Highlands. This hike offers an adventure-filled combination of barren lands and rugged trails.

Northern Tanzania has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping but if you want to have a unique shopping experience then you should head to the rural markets where you will be blown away by the excitement of it all. These rural markets attract traders from distant places and you will get to see them haggle with other traders on just about everything.

When it comes to accommodations, this region offers a lot of options. This part of Tanzania may be known for its luxurious accommodations but it also has cheaper alternatives. If you want to have a highland adventure then you can stay at the highland lodges in the middle of the Karatu coffee plantations. It is amazing to see the luxurious lodges and the mud thatch cottages of the locals nearby.