A Tanzania Safari for Families

Tanzania Safari Family Joy

A Tanzania safari is a great idea for a family holiday and the country offers excellent opportunities for all of you to spend some quality time together game viewing and participating in other activities. Some enjoy the hustle and bustle of busy camps, staying with other guests, while others prefer to make a Tanzania safari their own by hiring private guides and vehicles, giving the flexibility to explore and discovery the surrounding lands at your own pace. Granted the infrastructure isn't as great as other country's on the continent but for any children you may bring with you this will only add to the air of adventure as you board boats and light-aircrafts to reach your destination.

The Northern Circuit

If you'd prefer not to be using various transportation methods on your Tanzania safari, visit the northern end of the country. Known as one of the best game viewing destinations, huge concentrations of animals inhabit both the busy tourist-laden parks as well as the more remote areas. Children will no doubt be keen to spot the 'Big Five' on your Tanzania safari so a trip to the Serengeti will not only be incredibly memorable but will provide an awesome amount of animals to view thanks to the wildebeest migration. A trip to this region can be enjoyed for the duration of your holiday, reducing the amount of travel if you very young children with you. Also consider Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, and Tarangire National Park as bases for your getaway as all offer comfortable fully equipped camps and exciting excursions.

Concluding your Tanzania Safari on Zanzibar Island

Once you and your family have seen and experienced the wondrous sights on your safari in Tanzania you may want to kick back and relax. Many people hop over to Zanzibar to take it easy visiting heritage sites, soaking up the unique architecture and partaking in water sports on the white sandy beaches. Sunbathe to your heart's content, help the kids build sandcastle cities or discover the hidden world beneath the surface in amongst the colourful reefs. Rest and recharge your batteries, spending time together as a family on this idyllic island before it's time to head home. Your children will talk non-stop about the sights, animals and excursions they have experienced on this holiday of a lifetime. A Tanzania safari really is one of the best ways for a family to come together and encounter a range of unexpected and wondrous things, seeing the world from anew.

Discover Iceland's Natural Wonders On A Science School Trip

With some of the most astonishing landscapes in the world, Iceland is the perfect school trip destination for educators seeking to show their students how diverse and dramatic the natural world can be - and how humanity can work with it. With its volcanoes, hot springs, frozen wilds and wonderful cities, Iceland provides a wealth of wonders to marvel at and investigate, consolidating and expanding knowledge of the sciences. Read on to find out what your students have in store for them.

Eyjafjallajökull Volcano

An ice cap covering the caldera of a volcano, Eyjafjallajökull is a fascinating marriage of two natural extremes, fire and ice. The ice cap feeds several outlet glaciers, forming lakes and lagoons, while the volcano remains active with frequent explosive eruptions - recently and most famously in 2010. If visiting on a school trip, the learning opportunities surrounding this awe-inspiring structure are myriad. Students can examine the features of the landscape that has formed around it, learn about the way the ice cap and volcano affect each other, and discuss the global impact of the 2010 eruptions. The build-up of seismic activity before the eruptions, the evacuation of surrounding areas, the work done by scientists to discover when and where the eruption began and how it would develop, and the volcanic ash cloud that disrupted air travel for weeks, are all interesting topics made all the more exciting by the volcano's presence.

Thingvellir National Park

The Thingvellir area of Iceland is a place of astounding natural beauty and great historical significance. Anyone interested in the planet's geology will be impressed by the rift valley, which is really the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and by the cracks in the ground that bear witness to the continental drift between America and Eurasia. There is also the site of the establishment of Iceland's parliament, in 930, and the social centre of the country throughout the Commonwealth period. It is greatly beloved as a cultural as well as a geographical treasure - thus offering great curricular links for the geographers and historians in your science school trip group.

The Great Geysir

Another of Iceland's incredible dramatic phenomena to see on a school trip is Geysir, known to the rest of the world as the Great Geysir - it erupts boiling water up into the sky, reaching as high as 70 metres. It is thought to have been active for about 10,000 years, and became the subject of much study and fascination in the 18th century, when its name was taken and applied to the phenomenon generally. It was researched extensively by Robert Bunsen, who provided the first accurate measurements of the height and timings of its eruptions. His work provides an enlightening piece of science history for those interested.

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The Magic of Disney Underneath Magic Kingdom

Everything about Disney is magic and it is so interesting to know more about the man and his awesome creations. Back in the 60's, while flying over miles of swamp land in Central Florida region, Disney had conceived the layout of his world famous dream project. What happened next is another much bigger and better Disney illusion - the creation of an amazing Adventureland, all run, staffed and controlled from an immense, underground complex, consisting of about 2.5 km long tunnels. And inside these mysterious tunnels there is a whole city of magic which is hidden from the regular visitors. One can have a closer look at the real secrets of the Disney Magic inside these huge tunnels underneath Magic Kingdom.
As a visitor to the park, it doesn't occur to us at first sight, but when observe keenly there is a whole new discovery. The underground tunnels are physically not underground. They are located above the ground floor level, and are considered to be at the First Floor; while the entire Magic Kingdom is built above the tunnel complex and occupies the Second and Third Floor positions.
Technically, the tunnels are referred as 'Utilidors' (i.e. Utility Doors), and entrances to these utilidors can be found all across the park. They are mainly used by caste members and utility crews, including deliveries and food preparation to keep the magic alive and undisturbed above. When guests are enjoying the rides and attractions there are a whole lot of activities going around below their feet inside the tunnel complex.
Today with every reference to World's Premier Theme Parks, the immediate picture which comes to our mind is the ever-glittering Cinderella Castle straight across the Main Street, crowning the Magic Kingdom. But for Disney fanatics and returning visitors there is more to have then the awe-inspiring attractions and activities the park offers. Disney provides a more unique and in-depth behind-the-scene tour for all those who want to have a real experience with the Disney Magic.
The special "Keys To The Kingdom Tour" is certainly the key to unfold the magical mysteries of the famous Florida Resort and specially the secrets of the amazing tunnel complex. You can make your involvement with Disney magic more intense and in-depth with the tour. And once the tour is done you will begin to see Magic Kingdom Park in a completely different light. The "Keys to the Kingdom" tour is a five hour guided tour that takes you through a series of backstage locations and down into the hidden tunnel complex. To take this tour one must be at least 16 years of age.