Amazing Nosara Beaches

Located in Guanacaste, a small province in Costa Rica, Nosara is a beautiful beach town along the Pacific coast. Its natural splendor, abundant wildlife and world-class surfing make it an international vacation spot all year round. There are four major playas or beaches in Nosara, beckoning you for a holiday. Though it is no more the quiet and deserted town it once was, you can still find serene and quiet corners tucked away when you start exploring. Though surfing is the main entertainment, the beaches provide a variety of other option to satisfy the non-surfers too.
The four amazing beaches of Nosara are described here.
· Playa Ostional: This beach borders the small village of Ostional. It is especially knows for its Wildlife Refuge which has been set up to protect the biggest nesting grounds of the Olive Ridley sea turtle. Hundreds and thousands of these turtles come here every few weeks during the new moon. From May to November is the peak time for nesting, but you are bound to see at least a few of them throughout the year. There are also small groups of the giant leatherback turtles and the green turtle, which is now endangered, that sometimes make this beach their nesting grounds. Aside to the turtle attraction, the beach is also good for surfing. However, the strong currents are dangerous and you need to be cautious. There also is a risk of sharks and other predators because of the abundance of turtles.
· Playa Nosara: This is the most secluded beach but it is worth a visit. You can get to the river by foot or in a vehicle. The walking train provides a tough hike but the results are rewarding. This is where you will find the local fishermen with their age old techniques to catch and haul fish. During low tide you can swim across to the Playa Nosara. River canoeing is something you could do here. The waves are also gentle here, but the best part is the range of wildlife and birds you will get to see on this beach.
· Playa Guiones: White, crescent shaped beach extending up to nearly three miles is the beautiful Playa Guiones. There are numerous ranchitos on the beach for you to sit and enjoy the beach while escaping from the hot sun. This is the best surfing spot in all of Nosara, though it is good for swimming to. Towards the south part you can enjoy the pink sandy beach and small tide pools ideal for snorkeling.
· Playa Pelada: You will find a path from the north side of Playa Guiones which will bring you to Playa Pelada, surrounded by trees and tidal pools. If you are on vacation with your family, you must visit this beach. It is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the gulls, herrings and pelicans that are abundant here. The powerful sound of the sea is an experience in itself. Numerous rock formations are seen and blowholes on it are a gorgeous sight during changing of the tides. You can't surf here as it is dangerous, but you can definitely walk along the river and enjoy nature.
If a beach vacation is what you are looking for, this little seaside town has so much to offer. These four amazing beaches have much more to offer than surfing and snorkeling. Stay here for a week and experience the ultimate Nosara vacation.

Great Pamplona Bull Run

The Bull Run Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona, Navarra - is an annual religious festivity celebrated from July 7 to 14. This event has been known internationally for its annual bull run; a spectacle, whose intensity is hard to duplicate anywhere else in the world. The bulls are made to run through the streets of Pamplona, to a site where a bullfight ensues later on in the day.

This fiesta is celebrated in honor of the Catholic saint, San Fermin, the patron saint of Navarra. This international event gathers multitudes of people from all around the globe. These festivities have always been described as: one exhilarating fun, non-stop partying, and euphoric excitement, to all of its participants. The bull run, despite of its inherent dangers is really the heart and soul of the Sanfermines fiesta.

Among the highlights of the festivities are as follows:

1. Launching of the Rockets

The start of the bull run heads off when the church bells of San Fermin strikes at eight o'clock in the morning of July 7. The people who have gathered around the casa, awaits the announcement of the mayor that the fiesta is about to begin. After the announcement, a rocket is fired marking the start of the celebration!

This first rocket also signifies that the gates have now been opened, and that the bull run is about to start.. Runners, with red scarves around their necks pray for a safe run to San Fermin, at this juncture. A second rocket would announce that the bull run have started with the runners following the route towards the bullring. A third launching would further announce that the bulls have now entered the bullring. A fourth and fifth rocket would be fired to signify that all the bulls have now been contained in the bullpen of the building, and that the bull run had ended.

2. The Pamplona Bull Run

The bull run starts at eight o' clock every morning, from the 7th to the 14th of every month of July. Runners should be in the area before the start-off time, to avoid confusion that may ensue later on. The route starts at the corral of Santo Domingo towards the bullring, which is 825 meters away. The average run is three minutes but can last to ten minutes, if some bulls go off track. The bull run starts at Santo Domingo, then passes through the Ayuntamiento Square and continues down the street of Mercaderes. The route would also pass through the dangerous pathways of Duque de Ahumada and the dead-end sections of the route, on the way to the bullring.

3. Running with the Bulls

The immense popularity of the Pamplona bull run had increased the number of participants that take part in the festivities yearly. Running along the bulls, that weighs an average of 700 kg each, poses undue danger to would-be runners. The number of drunks participating during the runs had also increased the risk several times over. There are plenty of watchers and security personnel manning the route, but they can only do so much during the bull run. Accidents have now reached to around fifteen (15) people dead, and two hundred (200) injured, since 1924 when these bull runs started.

4. Excitement in Watching the Pamplona Bull Runs and Bullfights

You can savor the excitement and fun without the dangers posed in joining the actual bull runs. To do this, you need to be early at the site to get the best vantage points along the route. Since the best spots are always taken before sunrise, it would be advisable for you to be at the site before dawn. Or you can watch it at a nearby bar or restaurant which airs it every morning - live on national television.

The tickets to the bullfights are normally pre-sold before the fights. The seating capacity is only for twelve thousand five hundred (12,500) seats - hence, the clamor for said tickets. There may be scalpers that sells tickets around the area, but these would already be at highly exorbitant prices.

The fun that would be experienced by any spectator or participant in these festivities are exhilarating and simply out of this world! Though the adventure may pose some dangers and risk - it is one fun-filled experience to behold that can last you a whole lifetime!

Consolacion S. Miravite is a Certified Public Accountant, Real Estate Broker, Lead Farmer, Trader, Accounting Professor, Free-Lance Writer and Blogger. She has written for several companies, institutions and website owners on topics ranging from - Finance, Accountancy, Computers, e-Commerce, Online marketing, Crafts, Relationships, and others.

Northern Tanzania Travel Guide

Northern Tanzania is one of the most favoured destinations for vacations and safaris. This region is near the border of Kenya and it boasts of plenty of magnificent attractions such as the Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Great Rift Valley and so many more. Northern Tanzania is the perfect destination if you want to see a wide variety of wildlife. There are lots of wildlife found on land such as the lions, rhinos, hyenas, wildebeests and so many more. There are also lots of tropical fish found on the beautiful waters of Lake Victoria.

There are also lots of activities that you can enjoy in Northern Tanzania such as hiking or climbing the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Serengeti plains are also filled with so many beautiful sights that it could take you days to explore all of them. The main attractions in this region are the safaris and the mountain treks but there are so many more exciting activities that you can experience during your stay. You can try bird watching at the Lake Eyasi where you get to hear the sounds of various birds as it echoes through the serene lake. The lake is home to a large number of bird species. Another activity to try is hiking up the trails of Mount Meru. The climb itself is exhilarating but once you get there you will be overwhelmed by the panoramic view. During sunset the view is even more amazing as you watch the sun sink on the horizon. If you want a more adventurous hike then you can do that at the rugged trails of the Crater Highlands. This hike offers an adventure-filled combination of barren lands and rugged trails.

Northern Tanzania has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping but if you want to have a unique shopping experience then you should head to the rural markets where you will be blown away by the excitement of it all. These rural markets attract traders from distant places and you will get to see them haggle with other traders on just about everything.

When it comes to accommodations, this region offers a lot of options. This part of Tanzania may be known for its luxurious accommodations but it also has cheaper alternatives. If you want to have a highland adventure then you can stay at the highland lodges in the middle of the Karatu coffee plantations. It is amazing to see the luxurious lodges and the mud thatch cottages of the locals nearby.

Looking for Heavenly and Luxury Holiday

For travelers who love to travel in style, a luxury travel agency can do the trick. For people interested in traveling to different countries and gathering experience, there are superb luxury holiday experiences for them. Taking care of your smallest requirement to your budget constraints, the travel operator helps you by all means. No matter what your requirements are, there is a tailor-made tour holidays available for you. The luxury travel will take you to authentic locations of your dreams, fantasy shopping, lazy lunches in restaurants and wandering through the ruins of a crumbled civilization. When you find a journey that is both knowledgeable and enjoyable, you'll have the best of all worlds at your finger tips.

No matter where your imagination takes you, there is a chance to follow your dreams and indulge in the ultimate travel escape destination. South Africa, Europe, South East Asia and the Pacific are full of islands, small and large, that will give you the privacy you desire. Luxurious travel destinations are relative, ultimately to your own definition of the value of the experience. A popular holiday theme, luxury holidays offer a wonderful chance to enjoy a luxurious vacation along with near and dear ones. Style, elegance, refinement and great location, those are just some of the features of the properties of the holidays. From the mountains to the sea, from the rivers to the lake, from the dense forest to watching polar bears the travel operator will fulfill your ultimate fantasy. They promise to spoil you all through your journey bit by bit on daily basis keeping in mind the luxury class you belong to. Sometimes the search for the exotic often takes one to far-flung corners of third world cultures totally alien to the visitor in terms of language, customs, and etiquette.

The chance to learn and understand various cultures on a travel are invaluable and to be grasped with both hands when available. The tour operator as a luxury travel company combine comfort and authenticity famous for creating destinations for you as per your choice. Plan an all exclusive customized adventure travel to the earth's greatest tropical lands with them and rest will surely be history. A luxury holidays abroad at one of the exotic international locations is really alluring and fulfilling the same are the various offers and itinerary customized as per your desire. You will be accommodated in top hotels that suit the luxury and comfort level you desire. The travel operator brings you vacations that are rich in value as well as services. A Gym, a World class spa, a huge pool and a dining room where dedicated chefs prepare gourmet cuisine exclusively for you at one of the wildest location is the highlight of the journey.

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