Kokoda Campaign 70th Anniversary

2012 is the Kokoda Campaign 70th anniversary, during which the allied troops fought in Papua New Guinea.

In particular, the Kokoda campaign consisted of a series of battles between Japanese and Australian troops which took place from July to November 1942. The Japanese had landed on the North Coast of Papua New Guinea's main island and were planning to advance south to Port Moresby (the capital of Papua New Guinea) and eventually advance to take Australia.

Papua New Guinea had been a protectorate of Australia since the end of World War I, so Australian soldiers were sent to protect Port Moresby from Japanese invasion, and keep Japanese troops as far away from the Australian mainland as possible.

Kokoda Trekking

These days, the Kokoda Trail or Kokoda Track is a popular destination for adventure seekers around the world. The rugged terrain throughout the Owen Stanley Ranges is covered in dense jungle - so dense that it was never possible to build road or even use animals for transport.

In combination with the searing heat of the sun, intense humidty and tropical downpours the climate poses a challenge in itself.

The Kokoda Track goes for 96 kilometres and takes most groups 10 days to complete, although there are some elite competitors who complete the track in as little as 4 days. The record of getting from one end of the Kokoda Track to the other is held by a local who reportedly managed to cover the distance in 18 hours.

Can You Track Too?

There are many tour operators along Kokoda who provide the necessary comfort for every day people to experience this adventure. They carry your tents, make food, give you the historical background and even carry your luggage if you would like. Although it is possible to trek the track without an operator, it is recommended that people go with a guide for safety.

Tour operators offer different types of tracks, such as charity tracks (where the trekkers raise money for a chosen charity), women-only tracks, extended tours visiting the North Coast of PNG and anniversary tours, such as for the Kokoda Campaign 70th anniversary.

There are many tour providers operating along the Kokoda Track. You can find anything from one man bands to well equipped tourism companies.

To ensure you choose the right touring operator, make sure you do your research. Otherwise a carefully planned adventure could derail and become an uncomfortable experience or even an outright disaster.

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